Explore the wonders of small worlds with Luna, Chip and Inkie!

Are the littlest people in your life beginning to spend time online? If so, visit Knowledge Network’s new kids website It's a place for them to watch, play and learn in a fun and safe environment.

“Kids and parents have come to love and trust Knowledge Kids on television,” says Rudy Buttignol President and CEO of Knowledge Network Corporation. “The new website is really an extension of that brand and our commitment to safe, commercial-free content for kids across multiple platforms.”

The website is hosted by the Knowledge Kids characters, Luna, Chip and Inkie, who engage young learners in a distinctly BC environment. Preschoolers will find age-appropriate videos, games and activities that reinforce early learning concepts. Parents can tap resources about children’s health issues and media awareness. Navigation and usability features have been designed with preschoolers in mind.


Just for fun...

Click around the website and uncover some neat surprises like this performance picnic. The wonders of small worlds await...





Join us on Knowledge Kids, a commercial-free green space for stories, learning and fun. Every day on Knowledge Network television from 6am to 6pm. And always on the intergalactic at

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