Canada Over the Edge

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Explore the features that define Canada: the most expansive coastline in the world and the world's longest undefended border. This new series takes to the skies for a breathtaking, rarely-seen view of our country.

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Best Of Nova Scotia

From the highlands of the Americas to the world-famous tidal flats of the Bay of Fundy, this exploration of Nova Scotia reveals some of the world's best-kept secrets.

South Shore, Nova Scotia

From the port city of Halifax to the historic Acadian shores and international waters beyond, this aerial exploration documents the treasures
and mysteries of Nova Scotia's southern coast.

Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia

The eastern coastline of Nova Scotia is a living historical record of the centuries-old battle between the French and the English in the New World
- from France's Louisbourg to England's Halifax Citadel.

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

A journey along Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy coastline is a geological marvel rising from the sea - from Cape D'Or and Cape Split to the wonders of Five Islands.

Cape Breton Island

An aerial survey of world-famous Cape Breton Island reveals why this has been called the "world's greatest road trip". From the Canso Causeway
to the Cape Breton Highlands, the island is a world unto its own.

Northumberland Strait

From the remote northern shore of Nova Scotia to the red mud cliffs of Prince Edward Island, the warm waters of the Northumberland Strait are the setting for an incredible aerial exploration of these formidable coastlines.

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

From Hopewell Rocks to the wonders of the Fundy Trail and Saint John River's famous covered bridges, this aerial survey explores some of the world's most incredible coastlines.

Gaspe Peninsula

An aerial survey above the Gaspé peninsula reveals its beauty and natural wonders - from the pods of blue whales that roam the coastline,
to the stone marvels of Perce and the bird sanctuary of Ile Bonaventure.

Eastern Shore, New Brunswick

From the warm waters of Baie de Chaleur, around Miscou Point and beyond, this aerial survey soars above incredible rock formations, peat farms, and some of the East Coast's most impressive sand dunes.

Magdalene Islands

From the shipwrecks of the south, to the sand dunes and salt mine in the north, this aerial survey explores one of the world's most impressive archipelagos - the Magdalene Islands.

Newfoundland West

The west coast of Newfoundland is a story of cultural history and beauty - from the first European settlements at l'Anse aux Meadows and Port au Choix, to the scenic beauty of Gros Morne National Park.

Newfoundland's North...

From St. John's heading north, the Newfoundland coastline is a maze of bays and inlets - from world famous Fogo Island to the abandoned fishing settlements along the island's northern peninsula.

St.John's to St.Pierre

This aerial survey explores the Atlantic coastline, from the wonders of Newfoundland and the Avalon peninsula, to the unique islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

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