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Deckert European Documentaries

American Vagabond

American Vagabond is a coming of age story of a gay boy growing up in small town America and a family coming to grips with what it fears the most.

Bad Weather

Discover the story of Banishanta Island, a community made up of sex workers living on a tiny sliver of land in the Bay of Bengal, south Bangladesh.


A snapshot at life in a lively but rotting building. Just like customers, change rarely comes here. Resembling Noah's Ark, the building is a model of a troubled country.

Café Waldluft

Discover the story of Cafe Waldluft. Once a tourist hot spot nestling in the picturesque mountains of Bavaria, Cafe Waldluft now offers shelter to refugees from all across the globe.

Canned Dreams

Follow the production journey of a canned food product as it begins on one side of the planet and ends up on the other. Meet the people along the way that each have a role to play.

Catching Haider

Explore the story and tactics of Joerg Haider, former leader of Austria's Freedom Party and the first to bring a far-right populist party to power in Europe.

Close to Heaven

Discover the story of Dumitru Stanciu, one of the last mountain shepherds in Europe,a man practicing a forgotten profession from a more simple time.


The painful effects of codependency take centre stage as a man struggling with substance abuse attempts to get his life back on track by travelling halfway around the world.

A Diary of a Journey

Polish photographer Tadeusz Rolke, travels the country with 15-year-old student Michal, taking photographs of the residents of small towns and villages, teaching and learning along the way.

From My Syrian Room

Syrian painter Hazem Alhamwi struggles with remaining true to himself in a society that demands conformity and forces him to take a retrospective look at his life.

Gogita's New Life

Recently released ex-con Gogita attempts to find meaning in a life as he develops a relationship with a women, while facing down the high-demand pressures of a world he's unfamiliar with.

The Last Limousine

The prideful workers of a failing factory in Russia receive a special order that allows them to demonstrate their worth and ignore the crumbling company around them.

The Longest Run

Follows the tale of two Middle-Eastern youths accused of smuggling refugees, their imprisonment and subsequent trial.

Off the Tracks

A snapshot of life in the small German town of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, where the quaint village life is suddenly changed with the arrival of thousands of refugees.


Explore the vast differences in Europe, from barren lands of eternal winter to overcrowded and highly developed ports, and how all it can take to connect them is a simply pipeline.

The Queen of Silence

Follows the story of 10-year-old Denisa, a resident of an illegal gypsy camp in Poland and is unable to speak. Despite her disabilities, Denisa uses dance to express what she can't say.

A Separation

A Separation is a tragicomedy that portrays the very last acts of a long marriage. A film about the tentative search for a new beginning during a divorce that should have perhaps happened long ago...

The Shark's Eye

Two friends from a small Nicaraguan village begin their journey into manhood and look to take up the local trade of shark hunting. But with the trade dying, is drug smuggling the only other option...

Shot in the Dark

An intimate portrait of three successful photographers that also happen to have one thing in common, they all suffer from some form of visual impairment.

Siblings are Forever

A portrait of two siblings in their seventies who run a farm that's been in the family for generations. With their advanced age, could the sun be setting on the future of the farm?


Comunidad San Fernando is a juvenile prison located in Mexico City and houses close to 200 prisoners. Explore the stories of the inmates who arrive as boys but leave as men.

The story of three aging jazzman from former Czechoslovakia and one person's attempt to reunite them for a concert commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall.