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We want to take your pulse
What would you do if you were in charge of our health-care system? How would you react when it came to making medical decisions about loved ones? We want to take your pulse by seeing how you’ll respond to issues affecting our health-care system. See how your answers stack up to others and then join the discussion forum to make your voice heard.
Worth the wait?
Season 02

BC looks at how ER wait times could be improved.

Recreational or medicinal?
Season 02

Should the use of recreational drugs be considered for medical treatment?

The dangers of duty
Season 02

BC explores when hospital staff should have to treat dangerous patients

Do you really want to know?
Season 02

BC debates how much information is too much when it comes to your health.

Paying when it's your fault
Season 02

BC debates who should cover the costs of preventable injuries.

Are you ready to die?
Season 02

BC looks at preparing for end-of-life decisions.

Is our healthcare system heading for a hangover?
Season 01

BC takes a look at the impact of new alcohol policies and the potential effect on our healthcare system.

The Problem with Getting Old
Season 01

BC focuses on the ageing population and the strain placed on healthcare resources.

Forgotten Lives
Season 01

BC debates the role of healthcare for the mentally ill and homeless.

Dying with Dignity
Season 01

BC debates the subject of assisted suicide and an end to pain and suffering.

Spare Parts
Season 01

BC examines the supply and demand of human organs and organ donation.

Public vs Private
Season 01

BC joins the debate on public versus private healthcare in Canada.

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