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Are You Ready To Die?
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In this situation, I believe education is key. Perhaps it is a discussion citizens should be encouraged to have with their family doctors, with appropriate paperwork available. Both of my parents suffered from dementia, which causes an average 8 - 10 year traumatizing period of grieving for caregivers, not to mention what the patient goes through. I have literally begged palliative care doctors to morphine out my mother as I watched her starve to death, unable to eat, drink, or communicate. She had a do not recessitate order, which didn't end her suffering in the least. I know one doctor would have done it if he could have, but the nurses looked at me with disgust. I am very glad suicide is now available , but it is a slippery slope, especially with the baby boomers now moving into the usual age for dementia. The pressure for long term care beds is enormous.
If there is no instruction prepared in advance, I would want a medical doctor to make the decision because I know families get caught up in emotion, while doctors hopefully are much more knowledgable, and more able to clearly make a decision. Although I feel it is irresponsible to push what should be your own decision onto someone else.
I would not, however, want any medical person employed by a long term care facility to make that call.
So, again, education and available forms in your doctor's waiting room.Also an excellent time and place to discuss the different types of donating your body (parts).

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