How much time is too much |
How much time is too much
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I have been waiting at ER up to over 6+ hours for excruciating spasmic pain after injuring my back, and even to breath was painful, with no help from any nurse I asked to make me a bit comfy. But people totally conscious, walking normally etc. they waited half the time. Two police officers arrived with two people they have arrested. One woman was all chatty and she showed no sign of any problem, and the other was a guy in handcuffs who was limping. They were admitted within 30 minutes to ER! That is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I also been to ER since 3 AM after an ovarian cyst burst, there was no one at ER, so they got me inside but didn't bother to even turn on the lights and nobody came to see me after 7:30 AM, when they had the change of doctors... No one should wait more than 30 minutes, and the ER staff should assess which patients are more urgent than others. For God's sake Canada is not a third world country!

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