Award Winning Car Crash |
Award Winning Car Crash
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I was attending a film festival in the Okanagan - and I was nominated for an award. The night before the award show - I was taking a taxi ride back to my friends place and -- a drunk driver smashed into the taxi - killing the taxi driver --- and leaving me broken but still alive. I was rushed to the Kelowna General for surgery - some bones in my hand had shattered and doctors had to put them back together with a couple of metal bits and a ton of screws - leaving me with this scar on my hand. I had many complications - but my hand the toughest. The scar always reminds me of the accident. I will never forget what the paramedic said to me when I regained consciousness in the ambulance - "You're lucky to be alive, son."

I won the award the next day - though I was in the hospital and never made it to the awards gala. I was forever changed that day. Once you realize you can die at any minute, you have no choice but to make the most out of life. I still live that way today. I struggle with challenges but I always fight --- every day is adventure worth living.

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