Barbados,Third World Miracle!!! |
Barbados,Third World Miracle!!!
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B.A.D.D (Scarborough Boy)

A childhood dream come true. The chance of a lifetime, or so I thought as a young boy of 12 years old. This was a family vacation in a dream resort called sunset cress on the caribbean island of Barbados. While swimming at our resort pool, I being a very high strung type of young lad, thought I would chase a beach ball out of the pool. While in full stride to catch that ball and look good to all the young suntanned 12 or 13 year old girls, who were also tourists, I happened to step directly on a beer bottle which had been so carelessly left on the pool ledge. While in full stride, I continued in to the hotel lobby to seek whatever attention I could drum up. I knew it was real bad. Hotel staff rushed to my side. I was taken first to a hotel doctor that pretty much almost tossed his cookies. He proceeded to take the toes of my left foot and bend them all the way back to touch the upper part of my foot - very excruciating!!! He was looking for glass remaining in my poor little, cream of the crop, hockey, lacrosse and football playing foot. The doctor was freaking out!!! The hotel proceeded to put my family and I in a taxi to take us to the hospital. What a nightmare boy!! The hospital was a very scary sight - remember this was 1977. A real 3rd world hospital at the time, they proceeded to freeze my foot with about 20 needles in my knee, ankle, and foot. Then the operating started, meanwhile, the poor gentleman laid on the gurney next to me having pebbles removed from his back from a motor bike accident. So, my surgeon had to go up in my leg searching for my tendons while some other doctor was in charge of reconnecting my 3 severed nerves. All the while, I was aloud to sit up and watch this complete operation at 12 years old. Who would have thought with all the nerve and tendon damage to be fixed that it all would turn out 100 percent perfect to this day!!!! An absolute MIRACLE OF MIRACLES..Thank you to the doctors of that Barbados hospital that literally saved my foot and my hockey and sports careers. In just 8 months after this accident, I was fortunate enough to play Lacrosse at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton. I represented Ontario when lacrosse was a demonstration sport at the time.....!!!! THIRD WORLD MIRACLES DO HAPPEN >>>> WORD.

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