Barnacles are not your friend |
Barnacles are not your friend
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I had been hanging out at Whytecliff Park in North Vancouver with some friends and thought it might be fun to venture out to a rock about 200 feet from shore in shallow (at the time) water. The tide starting coming in just as I was returning to shore via the previously dry rocks I had walked over earlier. Rather than fall into the water, my instinct was to wrap my leg around the rock as I slipped. This resulted in a Freddy Kruger like scrape from my ankle to my knee courtesy of hundreds of little (bacteria-ridden) barnacles. Days passed and the scratches started to get infected so I was advised to go to the ER to check it out. This visit coincided with a full moon. I was treated quickly and efficiently but in the process experienced some entertaining fellow patients who were obviously feeling the effects of the moon. I left with a prescription for powerful antibiotics and fodder for dinner party stories for years to come.

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