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"Beer-Bottle Brawl" (how I named my facial scar)
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Teresa Kenacan

Thirty years ago I was thrown out of the back window of a Toyota Corolla in Victoria as a result of a colliding automobile T-bone driven by a drunk driver (in the back seat belted as I remember)...sustained numerous injuries including pelvis fracture, head contusion, broken bones in arms and legs/ribs, internal rupture and a severe facial laceration (also a pulmonary embolism and "white leg" thrombosis in hospital). I was lucky enough to bounce from the road onto a lawn where a nurse just happened to live?!

Three months in hospital, some time in rehab (learning to walk again), and many months of additional angst (could I finish my B.A.?) resulted in one happy 24 year old graduate counting their blessings.

And the facial scar---have been to plastic surgeons over the years who've told me it's too deep
and jagged to deal with and so I have learned to deal with it by telling the story to my college students (and anyone else) as a warning about drinking and driving.

(PS - the swagger of the name does lend a little bit of excitement...)

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