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Call of duty?
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Fortunately, my brother once told me what a kidney stone attack felt like. When mine hit, I suffered in silence for hours then finally woke my wife. The admitting nurse at VGH politely calmed my self-diagnosis with, “We’ll see”.

Later, in my curtained off bed I remember hearing the staff managing a woman who spoke a rare Chinese dialect on one side and a fidgety guy trying to scam drugs on the other. And I thought, how do they deal with this every day?

My nurse listened to our barrage of kidney stone questions then politely offered Internet access. While they prepped me for a 3:00 AM CT scan I noticed my laptop battery failing.

When I returned, I found an Apple power cord waiting. My nurse had gone home on his break and borrowed one for me. That’s above and beyond the call of duty.

Later at VGH they blasted my kidney stone via ultrasound and I avoided a lot of pain. But I’ll never forget that personal service from the ER.

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