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Malte Mueller

Hi folks my name is Malte from Germany,
I had the great opportunity to experience British Columbia and Vancouver as an exchange student at emily carr.
So, what happened to me, goes like this. I was in the Studio Space of the Industrial Design department and we where preparing our Posters for the final Semester Show. So I was supposed to cut out the Posters and as I was going for the final cut my left index finger slipped over the metal ruler and cut of the whole left tip besides my fingernail. I instantly knew that this wouldn't be solved by a simple band aid, so I directly went to the bathroom and wrapped my finger in a paper towel and proceeded to the reception desk, where one of the guards took me straight to the first aid room. He did a great job! He even took non sticking bandages do prepare me for the ride to the hospital. A fellow student of mine was called to accompany me to Vancouver General Hospital: Centennial Pavilion, my university even called a cab for me.
As soon as I arrived at the ER they tok all my data, which was a bit complicated cause as you already I'm a foreigner. But after that we proceeded quite fast to a room where I could lay myself down.
The room was great, I was able to look out the door to the waiting area inside the ER where they had sports network running:)
After another 10 to 15 minutes my doctor arrived, well the staff member who was going to be a doctor, so I guess he was an assistant doctor or something. Anyways, when he asked me where I'm from, I said Stuttgart, Germany, did you ever hear of it?
And he started to grin and told me that his dad is german and he's from stuttgart, but my doctor was half east indian, so he never got to learn german. But they had visited Germany from time to time. So I had a really good talk with him and then he took of the bandages and my finger didn't stop bleeding it took about two to two and a half hours until he was able to do something with the wound.
He gave me two options, one was to seal the wound and let the body help itself or they would close it with stitches.
We went for the sealing method which was really weird. First he numbed my Finger and then he filled the flesh tissue around the wound with saltwater. Then he applied a mixture out of silver and some other stuff which directly reacted with the blood and the flesh. But it sealed up the wound very nicely. I was able to return home 10 days later without any problems, it took a while since I regained full feedback from the nervs in my fingertip, but I will never forget this experience which was one of many storys I have to tell about my time in Vancouver.
The only thing that was little bit off, was the price my insurance had to pay, I mean 750 CAD for a cut of finger tip, but the service was worth it and my Insurance payed unhesitatingly.

So I want to Thank the stuff at VGH for taking such good care of me, as well as my former fellow student Bellen ”Che boludo ” wherever you are!

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