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Excruciating Testicular Pain
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It happened in late 1999. Had very much pain in the right testicle. I had a great Oncologist that came to ER at RCH--he was very comforting. Later, a Urologist came and I was prescribed antibiotics for a couple weeks, and ultrasound revealed i had a cancerous tumor in testicle. I was removed and later underwent another surgery to remove lymph nodes behind kidneys. I am so grateful of my Urologist and the staff at RCH and nurses that cared and made me feel comfortable despite the anxious and stressful circumstance.I cant put enough words together how much I appreciate the professional, kind physicians, nurses, and staff that made me live and put me on my feet again. Thank you so much. I am employed at VGH hospital as an Electrician and I promise I will keep the lights and power on for the people that saved my life and to continue to others. We are so grateful to all!!

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