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Fall In The Night
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Narrow dirt road, Dark night, Bright head lights, all came together to cause a freak accident. While carrying a load of camping supplies back to the car, I found myself blinded by headlight coming down the road. Like anyone I moved a little to the right to let the car pass. What I did not see was a low concrete curb. As I tripped over it I thought nothing about why the curb was there. Suddenly found myself in mid air thinking "Why am I falling" . 15 vertical feet later a large steel culvert broke my fall, then came the rocky gully. End result 25 staples and 12 stitches to close the gash in my head. Would have been fine if it was not for the temporal artery spraying vast amounts of blood. Thanks to 2 nurses that happened to be at the scene I was well taken care of till the BCAS arrived and whisked me off to the hospital for repairs.

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