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I blame it on my new bike
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I was 5 years old and I had just gotten a brand new bike. Eager to go for a ride around the neighborhood, I met up with a friend who lived across the street. We were riding in the cul-de-sack that we had ridden in hundreds of times before...this time it ended a little differently. Without a helmet on, I decided to see how fast my new bike could go. Crouched down, I proceeded to zoom down the mountainous hill (well, what I thought to be mountainous at the time). As I approached the bottom of the hill where there was a street running perpendicular, I saw a big, black SUV barreling straight towards me out of the corner of my eye not looking like it was going to stop. Preoccupied with my life flashing before my eyes, I completely forgot to break and continued on straight into the corner edge of a neighbor’s fence. Next thing I remember, I’m looking down at my blood-covered hands being driven to Lion’s Gate Hospital in the back seat of my mother’s car.

When we arrived, honest to say, I was not the most cooperative kid in the hospital. To prevent my flailing, they proceeded to tie me down to the hospital bed with my arms at my side. Then, they injected my forehead with freezing and went on to give me six stitches. At the time, I didn’t like the doctors--to me, they were just causing me more pain. But now, I know that they had my best interest at heart and they did a great job.

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