Injured arm requiring many stitches |
Injured arm requiring many stitches
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At home. Going downstairs with armload of dinner dishes. Some how managed to slip off bottom stair. Dishes went flying, broken glass everywhere. Fell back on arm and believe it was pinned by body to stair step. Incurred a serious deep cut, approximate 5 inches in circumference in lower arm. Muscle was quite visible through the wound. Briefly applied tournequette until friend arrived to drive me to hospital. Attended emergency at Mt. St. Joes, the nearest hospital. Received immediate care, and intern worked on repairing arm, reconnecting 2 veins, suturing inside layers with dissolving sutures. Exterior portion closed with 18 staples. Given script for pain medication and antibiotics. . Sent home with instruction to see family doctor for follow-up. Wound is 95% healed, but scar is significant. Feel I should be seen by plastic surgeon. Feel the initial repair should have been done by plastic surgeon. Would appreciate referral to plastic surgeon. Not clear if this is covered under medical plan.

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