Injured at Eburne Sawmils Marpole |
Injured at Eburne Sawmils Marpole
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Ben Tetlock

In May of 1966, a cage from an overhead crane fell on me. They got a forklift and lifted the cage off me but it fell on me again. .They managed to lift it off again and when they dragged me from underneath all the men thought that I was dead. They called the ambulance and took me to VGH. My family Dr. Varley was called down to Emerg. They then called in Dr. John Watt (orthopedic surgeon) and I was taken up to the operating room right away. Halfway thru the surgery, they found that my main artery in my right leg was severed and that there was just enough left to piece back together. Dr. Quatermanche did the surgery on my artery. My femur was broken and my tibia was a double compound fracture. The bone tore thru all the muscle in my right leg. During surgery they put a plate in my femur. My shoulder blade was also fractured. I was put in a full body cast and that stayed on for three months. After a month I was taken up to up to surgery to break my leg again because they could not set it at the time of surgery. I was in the Heather Pavilion for four months and then I was transferred over to Cambie Private Hospital for three weeks. A few days after my surgery they told me that I may never walk again but I was sent to the Workers Compensation Rehab after the four months. I was back at work after one year of my accident. I am now 77 years old. I now have a very bad back problem and I have now finally got in to the spine Center at VGH and they are going to operate on my back to take some bone out at the base of my spine to let the nerves spread out and they will put a rod and screws in my back. This surgery will be done in April of this year. I will be going into the Jim Pattison Surgery Centre for this surgery

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