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Jericho fall
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On 2013 Jan18 at 1:30pm, my wife and I returned to the car after an hour walk in Jericho Park. I stepped on a frozen hump that looked like gravel. The surface was slick. My left foot slipped and I fell down very fast and very hard on my left hip. I knew I had done serious damage. Some kind passers-by waited a few minutes to see if I could safely get up. They carefully helped me to stand and lean on the car. My right leg was ok but my left leg was useless and very painful. A helpful lady phoned 911 and an ambulance came, apparently from across town. The Paramedics, who may have been Kelly and Rick as seen on Knowledge "Life + Death at VGH", kindly and skillfully got me on a stretcher and safely to VGH Emergency. Medical people established that I could think and feel and wiggle my left toes and that my left leg was otherwise useless. After x-rays and noting what medications I normally need (glaucoma eye drops, vitamin pills, etc), I was moved to Room 7600 to stabilize before an operation on my left femur to correct the broken 90° angle at the top to the normal 120° and pin it to heal. On Jan20 Dr OBrien skillfully repaired my left leg but time and careful exercise were needed before I could use it again. After a day or so I could use a wheelchair. About 10 days later I transfered to Holy Family Hospital for rehabilitation, and was cheerfully helped by physios and others to regain mobility and independence. After a month I could use a walker and canes. Now I walk ok but at 82 I still don't run much. In Vancouver we are super fortunate to have access to the best health care in the world.

We have watched "Life + Death at VGH" on Knowldge Network and appreciate the skill, kindness and disciplined focus of Emergency staff on what can and should be done to help people, even some sad repeat patients who may be full of anger and destructive habits, unable to take full advantage of the help that is available. My wife and I have arranged small monthly donations to VGH and Knowledge. I hope this helps.
Ron 2014Apr9

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