The leopard. |
The leopard.
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Sheila Sánchez

Sheila's scar story.

I was in a friends house visiting, I've just turned 13. This friend had many animals, he loves to be with them. He had dogs, monkeys, horses, leopards. When I saw the leopards the owner told me that I could go and say hi to this two domesticated felines, so I decided to go inside their cage accompanied by the trainer and a Chimpancee named Ramon, who was holding my hand since I entered the place, the trainer said that he was acting like he was inlove with me, it was very funny. So I entered the cage with a boy friend, the trainer and Ramon the chimpancee, we went inside to meet the two leopards. At first, they were very friendly specially the male who was roaring like a little cat at me, I was caressing him. The female was observing me and walking around in circles, like she was deciding something. I was still playing with the male it was fabulouse, and suddenly, without making any noise, the female leopard came behind me and gave me a lash with her paw and inserted her claw into my waist. She was preparing herself to strike again when the chimpancee hit her on top of her head with a closed fist and saved me. The female leopard ran away, she was afraid of the chimp who defended me. The trainer did not do anything. Everything happened so fast. We got out of the cage immediately, my mother cleaned me and desinfected me. I went to the hospital for a checking and to have a vaccination. Now I have 16 years old, the scar and an amazing story to tell to my grandchildren. Today I still have the t-shirt with a big hole on it.

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