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Jane doe

I had minor surgery in 1991, when I woke up I had a numb leg and abnormal pain in my intestines. Upon seeing my family doctor she said the surgeon nicked a nerve and left me with a droop in my bowel, and she said it wouldnt be a problem. Problems developed and got worse. Then a T-bone car accident2 years later made the bowel problem worse. My family doctor would not support me in reporting the surgeon. I got new doctor, same town, same result. They all help each other. In 2004 another T-bone car accident higher speed. Shortly after that I felt my intestines twisting and moving unnaturally, and lots of pain. Again, I got no help from doctors.When I complained to College of Surgeons & Physicians, my original family doctor denied telling me the surgeon did that. The CofP supported the doctors, twice, in 2005 & 2012. Now almost nothing can get out of my body, I hurt all the time, and I expect I will die so a couple doctors wont have to get problems. I lost faith in the medical community.

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