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My 2 year old daughter always insisted on helping me cook in the kitchen, and I would go through the rules every time with her and I would explain the dangers of being in a kitchen. Unfortunately she's very stubborn. One night (not unlike every other night), she insisted on sitting up on the counter to help me cook. I had pulled the pan off the stove burner to remove the contents from the pan and had turned my back for less than a second (typical). I heard her fall off the counter and immediately dropped the pan in the sink and picked her up, she was whimpering and I noticed a little burn on her finger and immediately ran it under some cool water for a few minutes and asked her if she felt better. She said "no" while still whimpering, she pointed to the arm. I lifted her arm only find the skin of her forearm hanging off, red, scorched with an imprint of the stove burner. A truly shocking sight, I rushed her to the hospital and from then on we spent 6 months in and out of the burn ward to help heal her 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her arm. She healed up nicely, and because she's such a loving child, anyone who asks her how she got the scars on her arm, she always responds with "My mom tried to cook me".

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