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Mountain Biking Mishap
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We went to Whistler for father's day and I rode my brand new full suspension bike with body armour. I felt invincible even though I had no experience on this type of terrain. On my second run of the day I was on the top of a big hill with a 3 foot jump at the bottom. I pedaled as fast as I could and hit the jump. I of course didn't know how to land or what to do once in the air so I just let the bike do the job, since it had worked for me up to that point. It failed miserably.

I ended up going way over the landing and crashing down on my shoulder. I was driven down the hill in the medic truck and taken to Whistler Health Care Centre. I was given morphine, which made me immediately feel ill, so I was then given Gravol while the doctor picked all the rocks and dirt out of my numerous wounds. I was then given the option to either drive with my family or to be ambulanced to Lions Gate Hospital for xray, where I would later learn I broke my collar bone into 3 pieces. All the nurses and doctors were fabulous, although at the time I didn't fully appreciate the service I was receiving, I have next to no scars from those areas that were full of rocks and dirt.

After being driven from Whistler Health Care Centre to Lions Gate Hospital, I was still feeling nauseous from the morphine that I was given so the nurses at Lions Gate immediately gave me something to vomit in as well as tissues and water. I was sent for xrays where I learned that I had broken my collarbone into 3 pieces. My doctor advised me against surgery, telling me it would heal fine.

After 2 weeks of pain and healing, I went back to the same doctor and was told I needed surgery. In surgery, my collarbone had to be re-broken, and a metal plate and 7 screws were put in. My doctor told me to come back in another few weeks for a check in. When I arrived, I was immediately told that I should not still be wearing my sling, but my doctor hadn't told me this. It took months for my body to recover from wearing a sling off and on for over 6 weeks, even with physio.

After a year, I returned to Lions Gate to get the hardware removed, as it bothered me and caused me some pain. The same doctor did the surgery. I am very happy with the final results; even looking/same height collarbones, and one 7" scar, however I feel like the doctor could have spent a little more time explaining things to me regarding pros and cons of surgery right away and with surgery aftercare. (This is a picture of after my surgery.)

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