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Never Say Never
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Jean Marchi

I was one of those people who said I would never ride in a ski patrol toboggan. If I was injured, I'd somehow make my way down. There's no way you'd get me into a toboggan. Well, that resolve vanished as soon as my shoulder hit the ground at the end of a 20 foot launch. I immediately knew I had fractured at least my collar bone, if not more. A sincere thank you to the Fernie Alpine Ski Patrol for the great toboggan ride, your skills and your compassion.

A quick trip to Emergency at the Elk Valley Hospital in Fernie. Just long enough to come to another insightful realization. Not only did I have a bias against the toboggan, I also never wanted to receive emergency medical treatment in a small hospital....... I take it all back!

My experience in emergency was the best I could have had anywhere, with the added "small town" advantages like not having to take a number. I felt I was in safe and competent hands with everyone who dealt with me. I was struck even more so by their kindness.

At the most vulnerable times in our lives kindness and compassion are as important to our healing as any other treatment we receive.

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