The other side of the stretcher |
The other side of the stretcher
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Wend Goldman

I work in a smaller hospital, often in the ER, so being a patient means that your friends and colleagues are the ones looking after you. A few years ago, I stopped by work to attend an in-service before going to boot camp. Once at boot camp, I managed to fall (headfirst into a door) which resulted in a cut to my forehead, an injured wrist, & two skinned knees. Less than an hour after leaving, I was back, feeling a bit bad for "making work", but glad to have people I knew to lean on. I asked for a tetanus shot right away (I don't like needles!), and when the doc came to assess me I remember being a bit smart-mouthed when he asked when my last tetanus shot was ("about ten minutes ago"). Once I was sewn up, X-rayed & splinted, and bandaged, they were also supportive as I realized that I MIGHT need to call in sick for the following few days, and brought me the phone so I could call from the ER. ("No, we don't want you here trying to nurse while you are in a splint!") They also teased about how exercising is hazardous to one's health! But it's really special to know that your caregivers care about you personally, and to know that they're a skilled bunch of people as well, and there when you need them.

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