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PICC line plugged
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Alan Campbell

I was sent home to Penticton from surgery in Kamloops with a PICC line [peripherally inserted central catheter] in my left arm for 3 months of IV Antibiotics for a deep bone infection. My instructions were to call for Home Health Nurse if the line should plug. It did the second night - Friday night - but the Health Nurses go home at 4:30 Friday. My wife doesn't drive in the dark. So in desperation, I went to ER for help at 9:30 pm only to be told there was no one who could clear the line until Monday! An intern put a baby IV in the inside of my arm which hurt with every heartbeat. I asked for my prescribed pain med but it took 3 hours for someone to bring a pill. I got fed up at 2am and called a cab for home. I was told on Monday morning that a plugged line was not in fact an emergency and I could have stayed in bed Friday night and taken it easy until Monday. There was a total disconnect between the written instructions and what I in fact experienced.

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