From Pneumonia to Heart Failure |
From Pneumonia to Heart Failure
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During October 2012, I had trouble breathing at night, especially when lying flat. This condition worsened over a few weeks, and it appeared that I had a lung infection. However antibiotic prescriptions were not working, and eventually my GP sent me into Richmond General Hospital for a scan.

I was admitted into the ER at RGH right away. They hooked me up with an ECG, took blood samples, ran many other tests and initially thought I had tuberculosis. Doctors then realized that I had a leaky left ventricle valve due to an enlarged heart . My heart was pumping at 22% whereas a normal heart pumps at about 55%. They drained about one litre of water from the walls of my lungs, and over the next week treated me with meds to lower my blood pressure and allow my heart to regain its normal size. My heart is functioning at 52% now, and I continue to take meds for maintenance.

What I thought was pneumonia suddenly turned into heart failure. The staff, nurses, and doctors at RGH ER saved my life.

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