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Sharpened Knives
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One day using freshly sharpened knives I accidentally sliced a fillet off the top of my thumb while making dinner. I endured at home for a while just using papertowel and pressure to try and stop the bleeding. After an hour or so, it became clear that it would not stop bleeding, nor did I have the right gear to do a proper bandaging job. Reluctantly (because I hate to be a bother), I drove myself to my local ER in search of some help. The ER doc I saw mentioned casually to a nurse that he just had to give me a needle before she could clean and dress the wound. He sat down, took my hand and (thankfully) without much fanfare said “This part sucks” and very quickly jabbed the needle STRAIGHT INTO THE OPEN WOUND. After about 2 seconds of expletives from me which I won’t repeat, my cut instantly stopped bleeding and stopped hurting. They cleaned it and dressed it with this special type of bandage that acts like skin allowing the cut to heal properly.

This was one tiny experience with our healthcare system, but most of us have probably had many. From having babies to caring for sick children, sick loved ones and myself….I’ve experienced the healthcare system from several sides. I’m so thankful there are people like the ER docs, nurses and paramedics who are willing to do that work day in and day out…to bring comfort and relief to us when we are at our most vulnerable.

Today, I have the scar from this minor mishap but it serves to remind me of something much bigger - how lucky I am to call Canada home.

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