Sometimes we make mistakes |
Sometimes we make mistakes
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Veronique Penvern

I arrived at VGH after a trip to France feeling very sick. I knew I went a bit crazy with the cheese and blamed the cheese devil. I had put up with the pain on the plane as I was afraid we would be detoured or I would be parachuted over some obscure area for emergency medical landing! back in Vancouver,I couldn't sleep all night and went to the emergency for help early in the morning. After some tests the doctor in charge prescribed some heavy duty antacids and sent me home. I only live a few blocks away so I walked. One block from the emergency I started throwing up and tried to hide by some bushes as staff coming for the morning shift looked on!
I got the prescriptions filled and took the meds and a few hours later I was throwing up yellow and my body was shaking. I went back to the emergency, in a cab, this time with a sense that something was really wrong. After a few more tests, the diagnosis came from a medical student that declared proudly that my gallbladder was so inflamed I was lucky it did not burst. Oh, and that by the way, I was not going anywhere, I was to be in the hospital at least a week. All went so well after, the staff, the procedure, my care was great.
Later on as I watch the show Emergency life and death in VGH, I saw the doctor that sent me home with antacids saying "sometimes we make mistakes". I thought it was so nice to hear this. I am sure she wasn't speaking about me specifically, but it nice to know that we are all humans and that you are taking care of in the end. The surgeon asked me why I was here and not in France which he said had the best medical care in the world, well, I might differ on that!

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