Surviving an Anuerism |
Surviving an Anuerism
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Sean Smith

9" scar up the back of my head. Aneurism (a result of an AVM) that came 2cc from killing me, when I was 9 years old. Docs weren't sure what it was, but my Mom (who was a nurse) knew. She demanded a spinal tap (blood was found in my spinal fluid) and that was what made all the difference. This was in the 70's, before things like Children's Hospital existed.

I remember the day, vividly. The knife like pain when the blood vessel burst, the fear when double vision hit (seeing TWO of your school principal is VERY scary!), the nausea as my Dad rushed me to the hospital, my mom arguing with the doctors, knowing what was happening to me. I was lucky that there was a visiting neurosurgeon in Kelowna, where I was sent to have the surgery done.

I remember going into surgery, and feeling like I was in my favourite TV show, Emergency. I remember waking up in ICU, alone, scared and with a HUGE bandage on the back of my head.

A memorable and scary experience, with a BIG scar as a reminder.

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