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Thank you Dr. Durity!
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In 1992 I had a ruptured middle cerebral artery aneurysm. I was about to weedeat my garden and after I pulled the cord I felt strange and couldn't see the arm I'd used to pull the cord. I looked up and behind me and there it was dangling above my head. I reached around with my left hand, pulled at it, and it flopped at my side with no feeling - absolutely dead like a chunk of hose! I managed to get to my neighbor's to ask for a ride to the hospital in Duncan, and from there I was taken to Victoria and later airlifted to VGH. I don't remember anything after the Duncan Hospital until I woke at VGH 2 weeks later. I had undergone an 8 hour surgery for the rupture (which is the scar I have for this scar story). Dr. Durity (Head of the Neurosurgery Dept. at that time), who performed the surgery, told my sister that I would still have the quantity of life as expected but the quality wouldn't be the same. He had to leave for a week after the surgery and when he came in to see me on his return he was overjoyed with the success he had had with my condition. I left the hospital the next day and within 4 months was back to work and living a normal life.

I don't remember too much of my time there but my sister certainly does as she was there with me through it all. Luckily my hair covers the scars; apparently a 4 inch piece of bone was cut and removed, from where the surgery took place, and then was replaced and stapled shut! Somewhat of a dent but just fine! Some dents from tubes in the top of my head and tiny scars in my arms from things they had to insert.

My life is wonderful, as it had been before the rupture; the only difference is my short term memory loss! I was so lucky! Thank you again Dr. Durity!

I had to tick something below so accident refers to the Cerebral Vascular Accident that it was, and I guess 'happy' as I am!

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