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Unhappy Appendix
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Had intense stomach pain and vomiting on a thursday night so I walked to the ER around 1am. Coincidentally I had just stared the wild rose cleanse so I thought, and ER doctor agreed, that the herbs in the cleanse had caused stomach inflammation. ER gave me Toradol and Zofran (amazing anti-nausea medication) and sent me home to sleep, which I was happy to do. The next day is when I started having right lower quadrant pain typical of appendicitis but I was stubborn and thought I had pulled a stomach muscle from all of my retching the night before. As of sunday morning I noticed I had a fever and decided to walk myself back to the ER. The ER doctor there was wonderful and actually teased me a bit for being in such denial about my appendix (I'm a nursing student so I should have known better). She said if the ultrasound didn't indicate appendicitis she would give me money. I don't think we ever agreed upon an amount however.
Overall the service was quite good. I arrived at the ER at 7am, had my ultrasound by 2pm, and was in surgery by 7pm. The anesthesiology resident was very kind and eased my anxieties about having surgery for the first time with no friends or family in the hospital. I actually had to have my landlords come to the ER to pick up my personal items just before I was to head to the OR. It actually wasn't a bad experience. My day in the ER consisted of sitting in a comfy recliner chair hooked up to IV. Nurses kept offering me morphine but I wasn't in that much pain if I sat still. I entertained myself connecting with people on Facebook and posting my experience on Instagram. The nurses treated me well and the doctor do a quick check-in whenever she rushed by.
Surgery went well, vaguely remember the anesthetist telling me they were putting me to sleep. Next thing I know I'm in PACU feeling groggy but pain free. I spent 5 days on the surgical unit on IV antibiotics because my appendix had ruptured and caused quite an infection. The nurses were kind (especially when they found out I was a nursing student) and the surgeon did an excellent job. I have 3 of the tiniest scars I have ever seen (laparoscopic surgery), I think I've had bigger scars from shaving.
Overall, staff was great, medications readily offered and available, I only waited 12 hours from admission to emergency surgery, and I went home healthy.
Only complaints: the ER resident on my thursday admission was awful (although I know what it's like to be a student and I DID almost throw up on the guy), food is terrible (but the sandwiches weren't bad), RCH is quite old and a bit messy at times (but I know to grab gloves and cavi-wipes and wipe down anything I don't like the look of before I touch it).
I hear horror stories about our health system but I walked in, had surgery, stayed for 5 days, and left... free of charge. No complaints here.

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