Honouring 150 years of B.C. communities and their contributions to Canada | Knowledge.ca

Honouring 150 years of B.C. communities and their contributions to Canada

Honouring 150 years of B.C. communities and their contributions to Canada

Knowledge Network to tell rich history of people, events and diverse culture

VANCOUVER - British Columbians of all ages can discover the stories behind the people, events and diverse cultures that have shaped B.C.'s rich history through a new documentary series and 150 documentary short stories.

The B.C. government is providing a $1-million grant to its Crown agency, Knowledge Network, to fund the British Columbia Documentary History Project. The project includes a documentary series and 150 documentary short stories that will commemorate the 150th anniversary of B.C.͛s entry into Confederation in 2021, and will see Knowledge Network contributing an additional $1.1 million to the production. As a multi-platform public broadcaster, all programs will be available on television, online and through Knowledge Networks' app on Apple and Android devices.

Working with B.C.'s independent media production community, Knowledge Network will commission and broadcast a landmark four-part documentary series highlighting B.C.'s history, from the First Peoples who have inhabited parts of British Columbia for almost 10,000 years, to the waves of immigrants that have created today's multi-cultural society. The series will premiere on Knowledge Network, Knowledge.ca and the Knowledge app in spring 2021 to celebrate B.C.͛s entry into Confederation.

Leading up to 2021, Knowledge Network, working with B.C.͛s independent production community, will commission Our People, Places and Things, a series of documentary short stories of significant people, events and places that helped shape B.C. The shorts will premiere on all Knowledge Network platforms beginning later this year. Knowledge Network will also provide 150 local organizations with free air time to promote and celebrate community events throughout the province in 2020 and 2021.

Also this year, in recognition of Canada's sesquicentennial celebrations, Knowledge Network will broadcast a collection of additional documentaries, including Masters of the Pacific, Giver 150 and B.C.'s Early History.

Knowledge Network is a multi-platform broadcaster, which has expanded its web platforms to engage British Columbians anywhere via the Knowledge app and Knowledge Kids Go, available as free downloads from the App Store and Google Play.


Amrik Virk, Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services -

"This project will help us commemorate 150 years as a country and province, and will reflect the unique perspectives of our multicultural heritage. This documentary will tell the important stories of the people who achieved milestones throughout British Columbia's rich history."

Rudy Buttignol, president and CEO, Knowledge Network -

"The British Columbia Documentary History Project is just one of the many ways Knowledge Network works with and supports B.C.͛s independent production community. Like all our programming, we're celebrating these unique B.C. stories on television, online and through our mobile apps - all free and commercial-free, thanks to the generous support of the B.C. government and our 38,000 Knowledge Partners."

Quick Facts:

  • Since 1981, Knowledge Network has been committed to providing British Columbians with valuable made-in-B.C. educational programming.
  • As B.C.'s public broadcaster, Knowledge Network offers programs that inform and inspire through television, mobile apps and online.
  • Knowledge Network has over 1.4 million viewers on-air and online each week.
  • Canada 150 is a unique and meaningful opportunity to honour the people and histories that make up British Columbia.
  • The B.C. government launched a celebration of B.C. communities and their contributions to Canada by investing $8 million in a funding program administered by the BC Museums Association that will create lasting legacies honouring B.C.͛s unique and diverse histories, culture and heritage.
  • In September 2016, government announced $2 million for the Royal BC Museum to help co-create a strategy with Aboriginal peoples in B.C. to return their ancestral remains and belongings of cultural significance.
  • Canada's 150 years since Confederation marks an opportunity to reflect on B.C.'s history, and this project through the Royal BC Museum supports reconciliation and is aligned with the federal Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Learn More:

Knowledge Network: www.knowledge.ca

Knowledge Kids: www.knowledgekids.ca

Canada 150: www.canada.pch.gc.ca/canada150

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