Alex Batko |

Alex Batko

September 2011

Like many young people, Alex Batko is really tech-savvy. In an online tweet he sent out last February, he shared how Michael Wood’s documentary series The Story of India led him to donate to Knowledge.

Alex explains that Knowledge is a place where he knows he can feed his passion for learning about the world. “The internet is so insanely massive, and the number of things you can watch is so overwhelming, often you don’t even know where to begin. Knowledge has super high-quality curation of programs – it’s something you can trust. I can turn on Knowledge and learn about the origin of language and botany and – I don’t know – countless things about earth and society and their connections.”

Alex holds great admiration for BC ethnographer Wade Davis and is involved in environmental initiatives, including the fight to save the Sacred Headwaters – the source of the Nass, Skeena and Stikine Rivers. His affinity for the natural world stems, perhaps, from his childhood in the scenic and close-knit community of Prince Rupert.

When it comes to charitable giving, Alex follows his own personal guideline of donating no less than 1.2% of his income to his favourite causes – something he believes everyone can afford to do. His decision to be a monthly donor is also very much a conscious choice.

“Knowledge needs my money all the time. And I want to know that I’m a Partner all the time,” he says. “I’m not just giving a donation once, I’m supporting Knowledge every month for as long as it exists."

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