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Charles Wilkinson

March 2018

There are many elements that go into a successful documentary, but the key to connecting with audiences is, first and foremost, a good story. It’s what Charles Wilkinson and his wife and partner, Tina Schliessler, look for when they set out to make their films. “We choose documentary subjects based on the potential of the story to highlight the human condition,” says Charles. “We always look for the positive. We’re not at all interested in stories about human weakness except when people find a way of triumphing over it.”

They’ve found a perfect fit on Knowledge for the type of films they, along with producer Kevin Eastwood, love to make: thought-provoking, visually stunning documentaries that explore some of our most pressing societal issues. Among them are Oil Sands Karaoke, Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World and Vancouver: No Fixed Address. Having lived in BC for his entire adult life, Charles has seen how Knowledge has transformed over the years, and he now regards it as the strongest force in BC’s filmmaking community, willing to commission the best local programming and work with filmmakers to bring their stories to light. He appreciates this commitment to quality not only as a filmmaker, but as a regular viewer and a Knowledge Partner.

“Knowledge Network allows you the opportunity to watch programming that is without an agenda. You’re basically getting what someone feels in their heart of hearts is really the legitimate and well-researched truth of the matter. That’s something worth preserving and paying for, I think.”

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