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Daphne Reid

May 2013

It took a move to the coast for Daphne Reid to discover Knowledge Network. She and her husband, Russell, had been living in the BC Interior for many years. On weekends, they were so busy doing the things they love – skiing, sailing, whitewater rafting – they hardly had time to watch television. But when Russell got a job in New Westminster, they suddenly found themselves with more free time. That’s when Daphne fell in love with the programming on Knowledge.

“It all started with Heartbeat,” she says. “Heartbeat, of course, led into Midsomer Murders and now here I am, hooked!” She loves all the British dramas and is a self-proclaimed documentary fiend.

Not long after Daphne started watching Knowledge, she decided to become a Partner. “What I’d noticed was that Knowledge made me more mindful of what I was exposing myself to for entertainment,” she says. “It feels to me like Knowledge is also mindful. They’re mindful of what it is they’re airing, and what people want to see.”

The couple is now living in Vernon, where Daphne is Program Coordinator at the Vernon Women’s Transition House, and Russell runs Mueller Lifts, a local company that installs and maintains ski lifts and related equipment around the world. In their free time, they enjoy all the things that make the Okanagan so great. They have use of a friend’s sailboat, which is moored on the lake close to their house, and Daphne recently took up standup paddleboarding. Busy as they are, Daphne still finds time for her favourite shows on Knowledge.

She and Russell recently decided to take the next step and make a bequest to Knowledge in their will. “When Russell and I sat down to think about stewarding our money, we looked at several different charities. We wanted to place our money somewhere where we saw good stewardship,” says Daphne. “That’s the other thing we see in Knowledge – really good stewardship of our donations.”

Daphne describes a perfect day she recently had: skiing at Silver Star Mountain, watching a documentary at the Vernon Film Festival, and to top it off, heading home to catch Monarch of the Glen on Knowledge. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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