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Jack Kouwenhoven

November 2017

Jack’s garden is a labour of love. Over the past four decades, he’s transformed his Chilliwack plot from a patch of bare grass to a verdant paradise. He’s planted fruit trees and vegetables, installed a vineyard, put in conifers and taken them out when they’ve grown too big. He makes his own wine and apple cider as well. “You name it, it’s all a pleasure,” he says. “There’s no better place than being in a garden... to be out surrounded by all the fresh green is really so uplifting.”

Jack has the same sense of dedication to Knowledge. When he first started donating, so many years ago, there were several gardening programs that he recorded religiously until he’d built up a small library. The techniques he learned, along with hours and hours spent with his hands in the soil, helped him create his lush, abundant landscape. These days, when he’s not puttering around outside, he likes shows about gardens, travel and history, as well as the British mysteries. “For me, it’s like armchair travelling. I support Knowledge because I get lots of enjoyment out of it – and lots of knowledge!”

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