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Les and Isabel Cowley

May 2009

Longtime Surrey residents Les and Isabel Cowley have been watching Knowledge for as long as they can remember – at least as long as they’ve been donors, which now numbers over 17 years. To them, it just makes sense to contribute to something they enjoy so much.

Recently the retired couple chose to donate an annuity to Knowledge, a decision their financial advisor helped them make as they worked with her to manage their estate. Along with reducing their taxes, the annuity allows the Cowleys to make a regular monthly gift to both the Annual Fund and the Knowledge Endowment. “We think it’s very worthwhile to support Knowledge,” says Isabel. “We enjoy the programs, it’s local, and there’s no advertising, so we can watch our shows from beginning to end with no interruption.”

Among the Cowleys’ favourite programs are The Secret World of Gardens, Heartbeat, The Royal, and Doc Martin, as well as anything about British Columbia. They also really appreciate the children’s programming on Knowledge. Although they have no children of their own, they know how important it is for parents not to have to worry about the types of shows their kids are watching, or what sort of advertising is influencing them.

When the Cowleys are out and about, and someone happens to mention that they like watching Knowledge, they are quick to ask the person if they are a donor. “We notice that lots of people watch it, but not everybody contributes,” says Les.

That’s something the couple finds hard to understand: “Knowledge relies on the support of its viewers, so it’s really important to donate. After all, someone has to help pay for all those great programs – who better than those of us who watch them!”

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