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Maggy Davidson

September 2013

Knowledge Partner Maggy Davidson, who lives in Salmon Arm, recently sent this letter to us. In it, she shares not only what Knowledge Network means to her, but also her own bumper-sticker-worthy mantra.

"When I was in school, I had the nickname of the 'Walking Dictionary'. I was never sure whether it was a compliment or a put down; however, it seemed whenever one of my friends had a question on any variety of topics, they came to me – and often, I had an answer.

For the past couple of years, as I have thought about my life and the people who have touched it, this nickname has come forward again, repeatedly. I receive long distance calls from friends who will often start the conversation with “a question came up and I am sure you will have the answer”. As far as I know, I either came into this life with this knowledge, or I acquired it along the way, and most likely by osmosis. The breadth of topics was well beyond anything that would have been discussed at our dinner table.

As a child, I was fascinated with science and geography – not necessarily what I learned in school, but what I gleaned from various television shows. Back then we did not have the abundance and variety of sophisticated cartoons available today; they were mostly on themes of good versus evil. However, there were shows aimed at educating youngsters in moral values, and a few science shows. I believe this was long before Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Dressup were on the air.

About 20 years ago I stumbled upon Knowledge Network. People lament there is nothing on TV, whether they live in a big city like Vancouver or a small town like Salmon Arm. Well, they are not watching the right network. This one lives up to its name.

I want to visit with the lovable and sometimes eccentric characters in Aidensfield, Port Wenn, Midsomer County, Oxford and, as of last year, Australia. To sightsee, of course, but mostly to immerse myself in those cultures, which I’ve learned more about through the many great detective series on Knowledge. The history specials on monarchs of England and Joanna Lumley’s tours of Greece and Egypt are also some of my favourites. Knowledge is the most often watched channel on my TV.

I have truly gained knowledge from watching this network and, while I do make a pledge each year, in 2013 I reached the conclusion that the best way I can leave a mark of my life and its meaning is to leave a legacy for future programs and generations. So I have made a bequest in my will for Knowledge Network – to allow others to experience my personal mantra and business motto: Knowledge is Free, Bring your Own Container." -Maggy

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