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Mike and June Stephen

March 2010

June Stephen always enjoyed watching Knowledge, in particular the mystery series and nature shows – a simple pleasure she shared with her husband Mike. While both had been fans of the network for a long time, like many people it took a while before they actually took that next step and became Knowledge Partners.

The commitment to high-quality, commercial-free programming was important to the Victoria couple – so much so that June left a significant bequest to Knowledge in her will.

When June lost her battle with cancer in October 2008, Mike honoured her wishes by transferring the bequest to his own will. Like June, Mike recognizes that the first-class programs on Knowledge wouldn’t be there if people didn’t support it.

“Because the programming on Knowledge isn’t paid for by advertisements, it allows for a broad range of programs without the bias of corporate interests,” says Mike.

“June and I liked watching Knowledge over the years, and we want to see it carry on. That’s why we chose to support it – so people can continue to enjoy Knowledge for many years to come.”

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