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Serge Maurice

January 2012

Chances are, if you call up Knowledge Network with a question about your donation or a program you saw the other night, the person on the other end of the line will be Serge Maurice. His cheerful voice and pleasant demeanor are familiar to many of our Knowledge Partners – after all, Serge has been fielding calls for most of his 22 years at Knowledge.

When Serge first started at Knowledge, the donor program had really just begun, so he’s had the opportunity to get to know many of our Knowledge Partners over the years.

“They’ll call me about their tax receipts and we’ll spend time catching up. Or they might even pop by for a visit,” says Serge. “It’s almost like family.”

In a sense, you could say it is family, because Serge himself is a Knowledge Partner. His reasons for donating are straightforward: “I believe in what we do and the type of programming that we air. It’s good for children, it’s good for adults, it’s good for seniors... We’ve got such wonderful programming all around.”

Among his personal favourites are the documentaries on Storyville and performance specials, especially opera and classical music concerts. “I really value the hard work our program managers put into choosing new programming. They do their best to accommodate the interests of our viewers and our donors,” says Serge.

Serge’s own interests include getting together with friends and taking in the Vancouver cultural scene. He goes to plays and VSO concerts whenever he can, and is a regular at his local gym, where he’s recently taken up boxing. In between bouts at the punching bag, Serge likes to plan his next world adventure. He tries to pull in a good trip every two years. Last time it was Paris and the south of France; next he’s hoping to head off to the Galapagos.

Back at the office, Serge handles all the administrative details that help the Knowledge Partners program tick along smoothly, like ordering and shipping special offers, mailing complimentary guides, and so forth. But his favourite part of the job is talking to Partners.

“We’re really fortunate to have so many donors who care so deeply about the network,” says Serge. “It’s always a pleasure to be of service to them.”

Update: In September 2014, Serge retired from Knowledge after 24 years of dedicated service.

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