Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild |
Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild
Ep: 1 "Life on Camera"
Sir David Attenborough has been at the forefront of natural history filmmaking for over half a century, witnessing an unparalleled period of change in our planet’s history. This series features many of the esteemed naturalist's most memorable encounters, from tracking down his first Komodo dragon, to spending time with Dian Fosse and her mountain gorillas. Through photos, footage and stories from Attenborough's exemplary career, the series shows just how much he has contributed to our understanding of the natural world.
Ep 1
Life on Camera
Watch Until December 17, 4:00am
Ep 2
Understanding the Natural World
Watch Until December 24, 4:00am
Ep 3
Our Fragile Planet
Watch Until December 31, 4:00am
Life on Camera
Sir David Attenborough gives his unique perspective on over half a century of innovation in wildlife filmmaking. He revisits key places and events in his filming career, reminisces with his old photos and reflects on memorable wildlife footage. (1 of 3)
Understanding the Natural World
David Attenborough revisits sequences from his very earliest broadcasts to his most recent, illustrating how each breakthrough in biodiversity, genetics and evolutionary biology has transformed the way we understand the framework of the living world. (2 of 3)
Our Fragile Planet
David Attenborough explores the threats now facing the natural world. Travelling back to the locations of his early series, he demonstrates the degree to which the wild world has shrunk in only a few decades. (3 of 3)
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Fri Dec 1, 4:00am

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