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The Blue Realm
Season 3: Ep: 1 "Toxic Invaders"
Prickly lionfish, raucous sea lions, ravenous sharks... You never know what sort of ocean-going creatures you'll find on The Blue Realm. The series features amazing undersea images, research from leading scientists and engaging stories that will take you on a journey of discovery.
Ep 1
Toxic Invaders
Watch Until November 2, 12:00pm
Ep 2
Reefs of Steel
Watch Until November 9, 12:00pm
Ep 3
Shark Nation
Watch Until November 16, 12:00pm
Ep 4
Deep White
Watch Until November 23, 12:00pm
Ep 5
Lions of the Deep
Watch September 26, 7:00pm
Toxic Invaders
They're beautiful and deadly, with large, venomous spines that resemble a lion's mane. They're lionfish - a tropical reef species wreaking havoc in the Atlantic.
Reefs of Steel
Around the globe, thousands of decommissioned naval vessels rot in dockyards. What do you do with these toxic time bombs? One solution is to clean them, blow them up and sink them! Scuba enthusiasts are trying to do just that off the coast of Gambier Island, BC.
Shark Nation
The population of some species of sharks has declined by more than 90% due to overfishing. But there's still one place in the world where sharks thrive - the Bahamas.
Deep White
There has been a dramatic increase in the number of shark attacks in recent years. Could the practice of baiting sharks with food be to blame?
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Wed Sep 20, 6:00pm
Sun Sep 24, 12:00pm
Lions of the Deep
Since the 1970's, sea lion populations have declined more than 80 percent along the North Pacific coast. Scientists at UBC and the Vancouver Aquarium are working together to help save Canada's iconic sea lion.
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Tue Sep 26, 7:00pm
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