Bond of Strangers |
Bond of Strangers
It was a turning point in WWII, a mission whose significance has often been overlooked. In 1943, after landing on Sicily's shores, Canadian soldiers trekked 300 kilometres through the rugged island to the top of Monte Assoro, where they ousted the Germans from their stronghold and paved the way for the Allied invasion of Italy. Seventy years later, a group of strangers retrace their footsteps in an arduous 20-day journey. They have one thing in common – a determination to honour the sacrifice of Canadian soldiers in WWII by reclaiming lost history. Along the way they forge friendships and experience the meaning of remembrance in a way that few have done before them.

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In the footsteps of the fallen: Remembering Operation Husky

Go behind-the-scenes with the author whose book inspired Bond of Strangers and learn about the experiences that occurred off-camera.

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