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Season 9: Ep: 2 "Secret Paths to Hidden Treasure"
Coast returns for its ninth season with fascinating new stories from the shoreline. Everything is fair game for the series' team of expert hosts - history, people, wildlife, geography, geology, archaeology - as long as there is a good tale to be discovered and shared. While the series spends most of its time in Britain this season, it hops over to France as the team explores stories on both sides of the English Channel, including the tragic wreck of a World War I troop ship and the secret life of Mont St. Michel. The series also embarks on its first adventure to North America, travelling to Nova Scotia where some long-forgotten Scottish traditions are still maintained.
Ep 1
The Channel
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Ep 2
Secret Paths to Hidden Treasure
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Ep 3
The Explorers' Coast
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Ep 4
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Ep 5
Sea and the City
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Ep 6
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The Channel
Nick heads to the Channel's French coast to experience the secret life of Mont St Michel. Neil uncovers the tragic tale of the wreck of World War One troop ship SS Mendi, and Mark reveals how French mapmakers unwittingly gave birth to Britain's Ordnance Survey. (1 of 6)
Secret Paths to Hidden Treasure
Ruth visits the perilous paths near the sea cliffs of Devon, while Adam follows a secret underwater path off the isle of Iona to discover rare and beautiful green marble. On the island of Lundy, Mark unearths some remarkable historical treasures. (2 of 6)
The Explorers' Coast
In Cornwall, Nick marvels at the colour illustrations of 19th-century artist William Daniell. Tessa investigates the hidden history of the Pilgrim Fathers, and Andy teams up with a group of fish-counting scientists in Scotland. (3 of 6)
Nick journeys to Nova Scotia, where some long-forgotten Scottish traditions are still maintained, and Tessa reveals an untold story from the Falklands War. In the Outer Hebrides, Miranda goes in search of Britain's oldest puffin. (4 of 6)
Sea and the City
Nick pays tribute to the astonishing port of Immingham. Ruth investigates the clandestine coastal sex trade that scandalized Victorian Britain, and Mark reveals how Greenwich became an epicentre of global sea navigation. (5 of 6)
Nick visits Cornwall and discovers that wild winter seas bring surprising benefits to the Cornish coast, while Neil experiences the extraordinary Viking Fire Festival on Shetland. (6 of 6)
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Fri Oct 20, 7:00pm

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