Season 3: Ep: 1 "Ride"
It’s 1967, the Summer of Love, and not even Oxford can escape the changes rocking society. It’s a theme that runs throughout the third season of Endeavour, as the young detective Endeavour Morse, played by Shaun Evans, faces changes in his own life, both personally and professionally. In the season opener, he’s suspended from duty, languishing in self-pity and questioning his future on the police force. When a body turns up, Endeavour is slowly drawn into the investigation, unable to resist putting the pieces together and solving the tragic puzzle.
Ep 1
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Ep 4
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A fun fair turns sinister when Jeannie Hearne is found brutally murdered. Morse isn’t part of the investigation; he’s suspended from duty, pending an inquiry. When Jeannie’s body turns up near his doorstep, he begins his own covert investigation. (1 of 4)
The death of an artist in a house fire leaves Oxford City Police baffled. When a young housewife dies, seemingly of the same mysterious tummy bug that has sickened half the police force, Morse’s investigation leads him to an inner-city supermarket. (2 of 4)
The case of a missing Danish au pair proves far from routine, pulling Endeavour into the diverse worlds of Oxford scientific academia, the city's vast parks, night school and the untamed wilderness of the Oxfordshire countryside. (3 of 4)
Recruited by an old college mentor to monitor the movements of his estranged younger wife, Endeavour finds himself drawn to the woman he is investigating. The grisly murder of a man who works in fashion causes a shakeup in Oxford’s criminal underworld. (4 of 4)
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