Fake or Fortune?
Season 4: Ep: 1 "LS Lowry"
Stephen Ames inherited three small oil paintings believed to be by LS Lowry, one of England's most celebrated painters. If they're real, they could be worth millions. Problem is, Lowry is possibly the most frequently faked British artist, and Ames has no proof. Enter journalist Fiona Bruce and renowned art dealer Philip Mould. The provenance of the Lowry paintings is just one of the mysteries they'll try to solve this season with the help of a crack team of forensic scientists and art historians. Did Renoir paint a luminous seascape that graces the wall of a Welsh Castle? Is a painting found in a family home’s coal hole really by Sir Winston Churchill? And who created the 16th-century masterpiece that hangs in a church once patronized by the Brontë sisters. With reputations on the line, these high-stakes investigations have the potential to shake the art world to its core - and make some people a fortune.


Ep 1
LS Lowry
Watch Until March 2, 12:00am
Ep 2
Watch Until March 9, 12:00am
Ep 3
A Mystery Old Master
Watch Until March 16, 12:00am
Ep 4
Churchill and Munnings
Watch February 20, 9:05pm
LS Lowry
Journalist Fiona Bruce and art expert Philip Mould take on a challenging investigation as they try and prove whether three small pictures are really the work of LS Lowry. (1 of 4)
The team try to prove whether a painting hanging in a Welsh Castle is by celebrated French Impressionist, Pierre-Auguste Renoir. (2 of 4)
A Mystery Old Master
The team investigate a possible 16th century Italian old master. (3 of 4)
Churchill and Munnings
The team investigate two paintings by Sir Alfred Munnings and Sir Winston Churchill. (4 of 4)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Mon Feb 20, 9:05pm
Tue Feb 21, 12:00am

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