Foyle's War
Season 9: Ep: 1 "High Castle"
Michael Kitchen returns to the screen for a final time as Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle, a man of scrupulous integrity who continues to be immersed in the dangerous world of espionage. Having survived the First World War and solved crime in Hastings during the Second World War, Foyle works as Senior Intelligence Officer for the secret service MI5 to keep England safe and bring justice to those who deserve it. Honeysuckle Weeks also returns to her role as Samantha Stewart, Foyle's trusted associate and ally who successfully navigates the shadowy world of intelligence and dedicatedly assists her former boss as he seeks to uncover the truth of the cases he investigates.
Ep 1
High Castle
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Ep 3
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High Castle
Foyle is drawn into the murky world of international oil politics when a translator for the Nuremberg trials is killed. (1 of 3)
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When the son of a high-profile Jewish businessman is attacked in the grounds of a university, Foyle wonders whether it was racially motivated. (2 of 3)
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When an attempted assassination is carried out on Hilda Pierce, Foyle must re-examine her top secret role within Special Operations Executive during the war. (3 of 3)
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