George Gently
Season 6: Ep: 1 "Gently Between the Lines"
Inspector George Gently (Martin Shaw) and his sidekick John Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) return with four new cases to solve after their near-death experience at the end of the last season. It’s 1969 and Gently and Bacchus are both suffering from their own physical and mental scars several months after the horrific shootings that nearly claimed their lives in Durham Cathedral.
Ep 1
Gently Between the Lines
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Ep 2
Blue for Blue Bird
Watch Until June 13, 12:00am
Ep 3
Gently With Honour
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Ep 4
Gently Going Under
Watch May 27, 9:00pm
Gently Between the Lines
Gently is shocked to receive Bacchus’s resignation, but he soon realizes that his sergeant has lost confidence in himself. To help his colleague recover, Gently insists that while he serves out his notice, he help investigate a death in custody. (1 of 4)
Blue for Blue Bird
Gently and Bacchus go to a family holiday camp after the body of one of the entertainers is washed up nearby. The colourful staff and guests of the camp throw the investigation sideways as Gently and Bacchus uncover a story of jealousy, ambition and the dark underbelly of society. (2 of 4)
Gently With Honour
Gently and Bacchus delve into the world of army secrets when a young former soldier commits a murder and Gently finds some uncomfortable truths in what it means to serve Queen and country. (3 of 4)
Gently Going Under
The mysterious death of a union leader leads Gently and Bacchus to explore the tensions and relationships in families driven by politics and caught in grudges that date back to the Second World War. (4 of 4)
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