Greatest Cities of the World |
Greatest Cities of the World
Ep: 1 "New York"
Welsh comedian and writer Griff Rhys Jones gets under the skin of six of the greatest cities on Earth in this new documentary series. In each episode, Griff explores a day-in-the-life of one of the world's most legendary cities - New York, London, Paris, Rome, Sydney and Hong Kong - and reveals what gives each metropolis its own unique identity.


Ep 1
New York
Watch Until October 21, 1:00am
Ep 2
Watch Until October 28, 1:00am
Ep 3
Watch October 25, 9:00pm
Ep 4
Watch Until November 4, 1:00am
Ep 5
Hong Kong
Watch Until November 11, 1:00am
Ep 6
Watch Until November 18, 1:00am
New York
What really makes New York, New York? Griff Rhys Jones tracks down the individuals who epitomise the character of the city and celebrate its infinite variety of life. (1 of 6)
Griff Rhys Jones sets off on a journey of discovery into the secret life of London. Within the space of 24 hours he reveals the surprising, quirky and sometimes humorous stories behind some of the city's most familiar places. (2 of 6)
Griff Rhys Jones explores the city that everyone loves. He discovers what lies beneath the Eiffel Tower, meets the producers of some of the finest delicacies in Paris, and ends up underground with architecture restorers who show him parts of Paris that few have ever seen. (3 of 6)
Additional Broadcast Dates:
Wed Oct 25, 9:00pm
Thu Oct 26, 1:00am
Rome may be more than 2,500 years old but Griff has just 24 hours to discover how 2.5 million people live in what is effectively the world's largest museum. He discovers it's still possible to learn how Michelangelo carved marble and how to direct traffic in one of the busiest intersections in Europe. He also meets the mayor who explains how to run the city without getting assassinated. (4 of 6)
Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a city of contradictions: a mix of the ancient and modern, East and West, where consumerism and spiritualism live side by side. Griff learns about the Chinese hobby of bird fancying, joins children who are taught a unique method of mental arithmetic, and visits a supermarket selling paper replicas of items ranging from umbrellas to cognac. (5 of 6)
Griff visits Sydney, Australia, now regarded as one of the most desirable places in the world to live, despite having begun life as a penal colony. Griff discovers how this city has gone from hell to paradise in the last 200 years. (6 of 6)

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