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Her Master's Voice
Internationally acclaimed ventriloquist and comedian Nina Conti has been widely credited with reinventing the art of ventriloquism. Despite her success, she was on the verge of abandoning her craft when her estranged mentor and lover, British theatre maverick Ken Campbell, died. He bequeaths his puppets to her; a gift that sets a troubled Nina on a journey of self-discovery that is both hilarious and deeply moving. With her own wise-cracking puppet Monkey and Campbell’s puppets in tow - including an owl, a granny and one modeled after Campbell himself - Nina goes on a pilgrimage to Vent Haven, the resting place for puppets of dead ventriloquists. Along the way she develops a deeper understanding of her latex and wooden travelling partners. Through her interactions with them, she expresses feelings she’s unable to verbalize on her own. As Nina says, “Puppets can say things that humans can’t.”

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